Laboratory of Clinical Pharmacology Copenhagen



Welcome to Laboratory of Clinical Pharmacology at Bispebjerg Hospital

Clinical Pharmacology is a medical speciality and a resource in the health care system to support the proper and correct use of pharmaceuticals in all medical fields.

The Laboratory of Clinical Pharmacology is part of the Clinical Pharmacology Department, on the Bispebjerg Hospital, and is led Professor Henrik Enghusen Poulsen. The Laboratory is mainly concerned with research, but also teaches the principles and practices of clinical pharmacology to medical students during their clinical training. The goal is to ensure effective drug treatment with minimal adverse events.

- The drug should be prescribed using the right medication, at the right dose, using the right route and frequency of administration for the patient. - But the dose of a given drug for certain individuals may differ from that used for the majority of the population due to genetic differences between the individual and the general population. Therefore, the "right dose" for one individual may not be the "right dose" or even the right drug for another, due to differences in each individual's genetic makeup. The determination of what is the "right dose" and, in some cases, what is even the right drug for a given individual constitutes the reason for the development of the sciences of pharmacogenetics and pharmacogenomics. The future of genetics is definitely creating new possibilities not only for prevention and early diagnosis but also for appropriate treatment of diseases, eg. cancer and cardiovascular diseases based on our genetic differences.

The Laboratory has  active research groups focused on clinical trials in pharmacogenetics (single-gene focus) and pharmacogenomics (focus on the entire spectrum of genes) , epidemiology, cardiovascular diseases, rna-oxidation in diabetes, and oxidative stress.